For twenty years, we here at Draconis Entertainment, LLC, have developed accessible entertainment products intended primarily, though not exclusively, for the blind and low-vision community, including audio games, ebooks, audiobooks, and more. As visually impaired creators ourselves, we strive to design immersive experiences that we, too, can get lost in. And, with any luck, even those who are fully sighted will enjoy some new and novel adventures with us as well!

Our audio games are developed for Apple Inc. platforms, including iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. Unlike video games, their primary interface is sound, and they can be played entirely independently without vision.

In addition to games, our published products include ebooks and audiobooks that can be enjoyed by anyone, but which were written by a visually impaired author.


Draconis Entertainment (originally Adora Entertainment) was founded alongside the release of Ten Pin Alley in 2003. Ten Pin Alley, developed in conjunction with PCS Games, was a reimagining for Windows operating systems of the classic DOS-based audio game Ten Pin Bowling, produced in the 1980s by PCS Games.

On the heels of Ten Pin Alley‘s success, Adora Entertainment acquired ESP Softworks in early 2004. At that time, ESP Softworks was the undisputed leader in accessible audio games for the blind and visually impaired, having produced such perennial classics as ESP Pinball, Monkey Business, Alien Outback, and DynaMan.

Later that year, Adora Entertainment released ESP Pinball Xtreme, a followup to ESP Pinball with new pinball tables and more advanced features. The release was a smash hit and helped to cement the company as a leader in the audio games space in its own right.

In 2005, Adora Entertainment was rebranded to Draconis Entertainment and released significant upgrades to nearly all its existing titles, as well as producing a redesigned score board system to replace the aging ESP Softworks one.

In 2006, Draconis Entertainment released The Ultimate SounDoku, and audio-based spin on the popular Sudoku puzzle games, and followed it up with Pinball Party Pack, an expansion for ESP Pinball Xtreme which included three additional tables. Among these tables was an expanded and updated take on the Wild West themed table from the classic ESP Pinball, as well as Old Man Stanley’s House, which show-cased the popular Draconis Entertainment character Old Man Stanley in a starring role for the first time.

In 2008, Draconis embarked on developing a cross-platform audio game engine to support Windows, macOS, and iOS. This culminated in the release of Change Reaction 2 in 2012, SilverDollar in 2013, and Do It Write in 2014 (an iPhone application that taught users of the iOS screen reader VoiceOver how to use its handwriting feature for entering text and practice typing on the iPhone’s touch screen).

Starting in 2014, Draconis Entertainment began publishing a series of fantasy novels in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats, including Haven Lost (2014), Harmony’s Song (2015), Haven Divided (2018), and Treasures and Trinkets (2020).

In 2023, Draconis Entertainment was reestablished as an LLC and announced the discontinuation of its legacy Windows audio games in favor for reworking those titles and developing new ones for Apple platforms, including iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. The new incarnation of the company kicked off with major updates to Change Reaction 2 and SilverDollar for macOS with support for console game controllers and Apple Silicon Macs.

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